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"Emancipate Yourselves From Slavery, Nothing But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds." - Bob Marley

“Free tha guys” was created to empower the mind. Nostalgia, inspired by movies we can consider classics such as Boyz n the Hood and Menace to Society. FreeThaGuys collection brings our favorite “bad guys” to life.


The shirts symbolize the essence of these characters that were overlooked and ignored because they were criminals. It represents the reality that all those locked up aren’t bad people, they possess many of the characteristics we value like LOYALTY. It’s our representation of those we know locked down.


The line is also a reminder to free your mind of mental slavery. Forget about anything that is holding you back from engaging in your full potential. Stop using race as an excuse for why you can’t do anything that you want! “Free the guys” represents the loss of that mentality. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”  - Bob Marley

The FreeThaGuys T-Shirt was Inspired by Justin Richburg (@justin_richburg) portrait. Showing 3 influential characters from movies that shaped our time. Decided to replace Bishop (Juice) with Motaw (Above The Rim) because Bishop didn't show the same loyalty as O-Dog (Menace 2 Society) and Dough Boy (Boyz N Tha Hood). Motaw embodied loyalty and was the complete soldier. These 3 characters weren't the stars of their respected films, but they are the ones that were ultimately remembered. 

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