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This Lookbook finds two girlfriends lounging comfortably at their apartment as they twist up a few and kick it while sharing their problems. As they sit back and self medicate, they vent about their life stresses of school, their job and finances. However the conversations always leads back to the man in their life. 


Women seem to always take on their significant others problems 100% as if they were her own. Ride or Die. 

Her boyfriend had to sit down for a few and do some time, leaving her with an empty home, bills and more than she can handle.


Contemplation, at the end of the night. Because the same n*gga that holds you down, can’t hold you back, but she still wishes to Free her Guy. 


The apparel is comprised of 3 graphic tees with two different color ways and the WhatchaNeed Box logo shorts. Worn bigger on the ladies to give the visual that she is wearing her mans t-shirt.

Lastly, this lookbook was modeled by KiaMonet’ (@_hunnyloveee) and Keva (


The FreeThaGuys Collection releases Wednesday, September 28th on and at the WhatchaNeed Pop-up Shop Friday, September 30th.

Photography: Tony West (@_itone)

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